Glossmetics Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Instantly wash and dry your makeup brushes in less than 25 seconds, improves skin health by eliminating bacteria, fits all brush sizes. Washing makeup brushes by hand can take HOURS to dry! Leaving you with damp brushes that create even more BACTERIA. Dirty brushes contain tons of bacteria that can lead to breakouts and other skin impurities. 

🎀CLEAN AND DRY BRUSHES IN SECONDS: With the Glossmetics makeup brush cleaner your brushes will be cleaned and dried in a few seconds. Drastically extend the lifetime of your brushes. Offering 7 different size spindles Glossmetics fits majority of makeup brushes.

🎀THREE EASY STEPS: Our easy to use cleaner takes only three steps! Step 1: Dip the brush Step 2: Spin in the clean water Step 3: Spin above water to dry. Once dried place your brush in the holder.

🎀PROTECT YOUR SKIN: Without proper cleaning your makeup brushes quickly build up bacteria and put your skin health at risk. With our makeup brush cleaner you can instantly remove that makeup build up and the gross bacteria that comes with it.



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